one of these days where you wake up, check tumblr, and just wish you hadn’t

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People’s Choice Awards 2015


Robert Downey JR is nominated for Favorite Movie Actor

click here and vote for him!!!

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Do you ever just follow your routine and are busy and then suddenly you think “Robert Downey Jr” and you sigh and have to sit down? 


 Robert Downey Jr and my bro   



Robert Downey Jr wearing the same t-shirt on Dec 29, 2013 and May 23, 2014.

RDJ wearing the same things: 10/?

For reasons I just tried to figure out if it was somehow possible to buy that shirt, but I failed. I found a version of it in greyish/beige as a Vintage thing on ebay, but a) it’s not the right colour (even though it is the right print) and b) they don’t ship outside the US. Has anyone ever had a look for this and knows if I missed something? Or is it simply not possible to get this?

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keepcalmandcallnico replied to your post “I don’t know, I suppose I can vaguely understand why some people think…”

That was absolutely stupid and disrespectful. But a perfect representation of this “international” judge tour…and now he is pretty much aware of his so called “fanbase”…cold shower for u Mr Downey (it makes me sad to be honest)

It is sad. I even stumbled over another article yesterday starting off with “you’d think that Cambridge students would display higher-than-usual class, but…”. :(((


I’m really sorry but am I the only one thinking of this?

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Robert Downey Jr out of context

I would totally have an affair with Obi Wan if I was her
---me to my husband while watching the end of Episode III

I don’t know, I suppose I can vaguely understand why some people think it was ‘cool’ to ask Robert Downey Jr about his penis, but from my perspective that was just plain disrespectful, horrible and way out of line.

I felt that it was time for some classic, black and white RDJ pics.