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Robert Derpey Jr?

VIDEO ROUND-UP: RDJ and ‘The Judge’ press.


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Press junket


I’m sure you’re all aware of this, but just in case you aren’t:

There are currently about A TON of competitions out there to win tickets to several screenings of The Judge, mainly across the US and Canada, and Australia as well. There also seems to be something happening with an LA premiere for it, allegedly this Wednesday, but since I haven’t heard anything else about it apart from that one website, take it with a grain of salt. Maybe that’s also all super well known news and I just haven’t noticed it in my bubble. Either way, might be interesting for some of you. 

Still nothing on the UK though, it seems, apart from a preview screening held on Oct 13 by the Times+ network which requires an account and is largely overbooked already anyway. 

I have a severe problem with Robert’s look in Iron Man 2. 

Never getting over that hair and beard and those arms… 

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Doesn’t sound good; hope you’re ok :/

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Aww :c Are you ok?

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You OK? What happened?

Thanks for asking, I’m ok, just had a bad day. Didn’t start off well and didn’t improve from there, but nothing really bad (e.g. I bought a really lovely scarf yesterday and first thing this morning lost it on my way to work without actually wearing it once and I still don’t even understand how that happened and wonder if someone didn’t steal it off my bike while I was on it, since it was kind of secured in my rear basket). Anyway. Thanks for asking :) 

*sings the Van Houten’s song*
I, I just wanna do you, I just wanna do you *dipdipdipppdippdipdippdip* Robert Downey Jr

What a shit fucking day

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Also there’s something very unique to the way he moves his lips when talking and it drives me insane

I fucking love Robert’s look in IM2. I don’t know what they’ve done since then but his face looks just so much more natural in it and that gorgeous hair and the beard, I just *drools all over the floor*

Reinstalled the Sims 2, imported my old Neighborhood (way too many versions of Ewan McGregor living there, I can tell you that), created a Downey, created another me, now all they need to do is hook up.