sobenedict replied to your post: “Hubby got me this amazing phone case! I love it! :)”:

Thats so cool! did he get it online or in a store?

He found it in a store, but not sure which is was.

Hubby got me this amazing phone case! I love it! :)

There are lots of superhero actors that come and go. Lots of Batmans, lots of Supermans, you know, even lots of Hulks, but Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man, he’s indispensable
---Channel Ten reporter on Robert Downey Jr.  (via kissingrobertdowneyjr)

My hobbies include:

- Robert Downey Jr
- crying over Robert Downey Jr
- whining that I can’t go to SDCC to see Robert Downey Jr

mrssherlockdowney replied to your post: “Maybe I should have invited Robert to my wedding?”:

Definite no no, you would have bound,gagged & kidnapped him, never got married but still had a honeymoon comprised of S&M & total debauchery…actually that sounds very appealing so maybe you should have…

I was just wondering why that would be wrong…

robertdowneyjrs replied to your post: “I really need some premiere news about the Judge now, because I really…”:

seriously let me know if you do!

I will! :) but I guess it’ll not be announced before September… *impatiently waiting*

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Hubby’s in Tesco and just sent me these pics. I think my job here is done ;)

Maybe I should have invited Robert to my wedding?

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Off to another day of cleaning the old place, I am so done with this.

Can I just wrap myself in Robert Downey Jr’s voice, please?

Robert Downey jr and his action figure Video from Iron Man 2 red carpet (x)

People start posting pics from San Diego on my facebook cause they’re going to Comic Con and I just want to cry.